February 3, 2011

What Is The Best Online Photo Storage?

Do you have tons of pictures and want to share them with others or are you looking for the best online photo storage? In this article I will give you some great ways to do that.

I take so many pictures and have to keep them organized in order to find them all. I have an external hard drive that I keep all of them on. I keep that hard drive in a fireproof box in case something should ever happen. The last thing I need is to have to run into a burning house to get my beloved pictures.

I want them as safe as possible. If you do not own a hard drive there are programs where you can store your pictures online.

Photobucket is one of the best photo sites I have ever found. It's great because you can create albums and keep them organized. After you have all of your pictures on there you can send your friends and family the link so that they can go on your Photobucket page and see all of your albums. if you want to upload your pictures but don't want to share them with others, Photobucket is also good for that. You can customize your albums to private so that you can only see them or certain friends and family. Photobucket is always having fun contests too. You can get points when you enter and even more if you win.

Facebook is another great site for pictures. I like it because you can see everyone ele's pictures too.When you upload a picture it will ask you if you would like to share it with others or not. You can also set your pictures to be open for comments. It's so much fun to see what people have to say about your work.

For years I had a box filled with loose pictures. I didn't like keeping them that way because whenever I went looking for one it would take forever to find the one I was looking for. Then I started putting them all into scrapbooks but that took too long and once they were pasted in there I couldn't get them out to print one. So I purchased a scanner. Its a device that hooks up to your computer and is used to scan the printed picture and create a digital image right into your computer. This is a great way to preserve your pictures. My grandmother has so many old photo albums and some of the older photo albums used acid in the glue which over time can destroy your pictures. So I scanned all of my grandmother's pictures and then saved them onto my hard drive.

If you have digital pictures than you can retouch them as well. There are many great sites you can use to correct things like bad coloring, facial blemishes, or anything else you'd like out of your pictures. Picasa is a free program to download from Google and then there is Adobe Photoshop.

So I hope these tips can help you find the best online photo storage. Pictures are so precious and irreplaceable and it's always a good thing to keep them as safe as possible to insure that you'll have them for long as possible.

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  1. I just discovered Flicker. That is another great site for uploading pictures!