November 13, 2010

Use A Bug's Eye View For More Creative Pictures

It's no secret that there are so many ways to see this world. For example a tall person may see things a bit differently than someone who is short. If you get down low or up high you see what I mean.

One October I went to New Hampshire with my boyfriend Justin. We went to a ski mountain that was open during fall for craft fairs and viewing the foliage (they call it leave peeping). There was a 60ft wooden watch tower that you could climb up. When I got to the top I had a bird's eye view. I yelled down to Justin and when he looked up I took his picture. He looked like a tiny bug and he's a pretty big guy.

Last summer I was lying in the grass admiring my mother's flowers. I put my point and shoot camera on the ground at the base of the flowers and snapped a picture. The result was a picture of the garden the way a bug would see it. The flowers in the photo looked as tall as trees. I could never have seen that because I couldn't get that low but my camera could.

Have you ever seen one of those beautiful bright pink skies right before the sun sets? I'm always looking for a way to work that into my pictures. I made sure that the next time I saw a sunset like that to go take a bugs view picture so that the background would be that brilliant pink color.

You could even have someone hover above the garden so it would look like they were peeking down to you through the flowers. I think I am going to take that picture as soon as my moms flowers come up next year

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