February 18, 2011

My Top Five Unforgettable Pictures

It's not the look of a picture that is special to me It's the love and the memories that go along with it. In this article I'll tell you about the top five pictures that mean the most to me.

My number five most precious picture is the first picture that was ever taken of me. The picture is of my mother holding me right after I was born.One reason that I love the picture because I can sit and wonder about what we were thinking about at that very moment. Was I saying, "Who is this pretty lady?" Or did I just know she was my mommy? I'll never know but what I do know is that I'm happy to have that picture. It is an everlasting memory that me and my mother will always have.

The Fourth Picture is of Me, My Dad and my brother Jon. When we were kids my dad would take us somewhere fun every weekend and I remember how excited we were when the weekends would come around. Jon and I would have to wait patiently for my dad to finish his morning coffee. To a kid it seems this took forever and I don't think he got to enjoy it because I would sit there and stare at him eagerly waiting for him to finish so we could go. Every year we would go to our towns fall festival at a park called Sheep pasture. We would go on the hay rides, look at all the crafts and animals, sometimes we'd get our faces painted and much more. I can remember the year when my dad bought us sugar lemons. They were just lemons that were cut in half topped with sugar and had a straw stuck it in. Yup, sounds gross and It was but it did look cool. This was the year that we got our pictures taken there. In it you can see me with my gross lemon and I love Jon's great big smile in it. They had a really cool Button Maker so they made a button out of that picture for us. When I look at the picture I can remember how much fun I had going out with two of my favorites guys. I am forever thankful to my dad for giving me so many fun childhood memories.

My third most precious picture  is of me with my dog Shadow when I was a kid. He was the best dog and the best friend I could have asked for. Where ever I went Shadow would follow. He was the only dog that I have ever known to stay with you without needing a leash. Shadow and I had so many good times together. We would go for walks down the street to some corn fields and we would run through the rows of corn together.The picture is of Shadow taking a breather in the corn. His tongue is out, his ears are flipped back and he looks so goofy.The picture reminds me of how silly and sweet he was. Shadow never said a word but I could always tell that he had a great seance of humor.

Number two is the first picture that my boyfriend Justin and I had ever taken together. It was taken at my grandfathers birthday party. We had only been dating for about a month then so I was still a little nervous around Justin. I love how happy we are in it. It has been thirteen years now and when I look back onto that picture I remember all of the good times we had back then and how lucky I am to have Justin in my life.

Which brings me to my all time favorite picture. This picture is of Justin and I in the hospital right before the birth of our daughter Lily. This picture means so much to me and it holds so many good memories. In this picture I'm in the bed while Justin is standing over me with his hand on my head and you can see me holding his hand. You may have thought that my favorite picture was going to be of Lily and you would be right. We wanted a natural birth and had prepared for this day for so long. Justin and I really came together that day, we were there for each other more than ever before and it was all for Lily. It had been just us for so many years and that day changed our lives forever. The memory of finally becoming parents tops all others and the pride I felt for Justin and I that day is unforgettable. I knew then that Lily was coming into this world to parents who would do anything for her.It is the memory that takes up a lot of space in my heart.

Some people may be mislead about this way of giving birth but If you would like to learn more about natural childbirth and why we find it to be very important, The Business of Being Born is a great movie to watch.

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