February 14, 2011

Save Money And Get The Camera You Want

I am definitely not Mrs. Money bags but I have found a way to get the camera and everything else that I have ever wanted by finding a hidden gem. I'll tell you all about in this article.

Studio Stool- Two Dollars!
I have always loved taking pictures. When I started thinking about becoming a photographer I started doing tons of research online and looking at other photographers work. Even though my point and shoot camera was taking nice pictures I realized that I wouldn't be able to get the higher quality I was looking for without a higher quality camera.I was depressed with the thought of not being able to afford a new camera. I would look at pictures online and daydream about being able to take photos like the ones I had seen. Also with a better camera I would of been able to do more with my photography like blur my backgrounds and choose lenses for the specific kinds of pictures I was trying to get. So I put my camera dreams on hold until I found a way to achieve it.

 I love to buy things second hand but I haven't always been this way, the thought of going into a thrift store two years ago scared me. I  had thought they would be dirty and that everything would be stained or just gross. My first trip to the Salvation Army pleasantly surprised me. It wasn't dirty at all and I had such a great time looking around at everything. As I went there more and more I saw that they add more stuff every day so it's always an adventure when I go. The savings are incredible! I have everything I have ever wanted and more money than ever in my pocket. This was when I had realized that my camera dreams were reachable.

My friend got a couch-Fifteen dollars!
When we found out that we were having our daughter Lily we were worried that we wouldn't be able to afford her. We had thought that baby clothes would be too expensive for us. When we went shopping to the big stores we were right, baby clothes are expensive your talking around ten to twenty dollars for an outfit that could fit a tiny teddy bear. Then we found the thrift stores. There we could get her clothing all in great condition some still new with the tags on for much less. We get around 10 items of clothing for around five dollars.The thing about baby clothes is that people have and get so much of it that the babies can't wear it all and with them always growing there's not much time to get good use from an outfit. So there are always wonderful choices when it comes to baby clothes at thrift stores and we are able to get Lily a lot of toys too. We also feel great about not buying everything new for her. Picture this, If every kid were to get one small ball for every birthday until they were ten years old imagine how many balls that would be. Now think of huge plastic toy houses, cars and so many other things kids want unfortunately some of this stuff ends up in our land fills.

The Nikon D90
It's not just baby clothes and toys that we get from thrift stores Justin and I also get great deals on our clothes too. I don't recommend getting your underpants there but everything else,yes! Because you can find some very nice stuff there. Once I had found a beautiful brown vest with the tags still on it. It was originally priced from another store for ninety dollars and I got it for seven. My Uncle David was very happy when he received it from us on Christmas last year. We have also gotten so many household items, chairs, tables you name it you can probably get it there. I can't tell you exactly how much we've saved over the years but here is one example. We got a beautiful couch in perfect condition for sixty dollars and I looked online and found a couch like it and it was two thousand dollars new. There's my camera money right there with one purchase. So with all these saving I was able to buy my dream camera. After I used it I felt comfortable taking peoples portraits so in a way the camera is paying for its self as well.

Baby Carrier for two dollars!

Not only are we saving the environment by shopping second hand we're also saving butt loads of money and having a great time while doing it. Thrift stores have given me all things I have ever wanted including my dream camera the Nikon D90. After we are done using what we have bought we donate it right back to the thrift stores. So  If your worried about going into a thrift store give it a try and you may be glad you did.

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