February 27, 2011

My Picture of Peace

I am setting a new photography goal for myself. I have always felt the need to help people and  I want to take pictures of things that mean the most to me love, peace, happiness and change. In this article I will share the stories of a few meaningful pictures of mine.

This was taken in my scanner
This is a little surreal for me to be writing because not long ago in 2007 I was depressed. There was a time in my life where I was too afraid to even leave my house. My low self esteem and anxiety took over my life until the day I decided to fix myself. I started counsoling and I found out who I was. A good person who would sometimes let people take advantage of me. I learned how to take control and I gained confidence and I took my life back.

I don't understand why some people think that they have life all figured out or how they fell they are the right way to be. In my opinion there is no way to know. To me this world is a fairytale and it all comes down to what you believe in. That no one has the answer to whats right for everyone else. Something I truly believe in is equal rights for all.

The Boston Globe 2009
Three years ago I met a good friend of mine, Sarah. I was so happy to have found her because she was the kind of friend I was looking for. Sarah was kind, caring, smart and open minded. I had mentioned the idea of going to a rally together and in no time she found one for us. It was a Peace Rally in Boston that was honoring the soldiers who had fallen in the Iraq war. I love to craft so when I heard about this rally I made two big sparkling peace signs for us to hold. They must have made a statement because we made Boston's news paper, The Globe. I was proud of us that day. I felt like we had helped spread the word of peace.

My boyfriend Justin and I love to go walking. We especially like going to the Blue hills because there are no mountains where we live so that is where the highest point you can reach with your feet is. One day we made it the top. It was awesome up there, we could even see Boston. We were both having a great time until I saw something that really boiled my blood. It was a big red swastika painted on the rocks. It was also dated from ten years ago. It bothered me knowing that this sign of hatred had been seen for that long. So the next time we went walking there I brought along my paint and painted something I truly believe in over it. A peace sign big enough for everyone to see, even the planes going by.

I have always been inspired by the ones who use there career to help themselves along with others. This is my new goal, to find a way to put more meaning into my work.These pictures were taken with a Nikon Cool Pix Camera


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that you brought paint back with you! I probably would have just "witched" about it and been upset. GOOD FOR YOU! I love your little peace symbols you created for the rally too. The symbol of peace is by far my favorite symbol on the planet!

  2. Thank you! Im glad you commented too. It is the very first comment on this page, witch is weird because me and Justin were just talking about that today =)

  3. I'm not only a visually impaired photographer, which is how I came across your blog, but also I took a degree that included archaeology.

    Hard to believe, possibly, but the swastika didn't become a hateful thing until the Nazis got hold of it. I've seen plenty of examples of anglo-Saxon pottery here in England (approx 7th-8th centuries AD) that bears swastikas, which were a symbolic form of 2 crossed serpents, regarded as a protective symbol.

    The word Swastika is Sanskrit for something like "all's well", and appears with this meaning in several Eastern religions, including Hinduism. Amazingly, I understand that you also see them in Native American art.

    So with any luck, you replaced one peaceful symbol with another.

    Reading your blog with great interest, so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I had no idea the history behind the swastika thank you for sharing that. I hope that it was a peaceful symbol that I replaced. I am glad that you are reading my blog I enjoy connecting with other photographers. I just read your post on about Lee and his guide dog.They are truly amazing animals I am looking forward to reading (actually having them read to me) your other posts. Also I love your picture titled "Swan Lake" on your Flickr stream it looks like a painting. Thanks again