January 31, 2011

Get Above Or Below To Get Different Portrait Looks

Most times pictures are taken from one angle, straight on. In this article Ill help you see how placing your camera in places you may not of once thought of could help make your pictures a little more interesting.

I love the beach. I love lying in the sand and that is where I first found this way of taking pictures. Justin was walking by me and I thought he looked huge, like a giant. I took the picture while I was lying on the ground up at him and sure enough, he looks like Gulliver. (That's a giant from an old movie)

My daughter Lily is so little. When she was born she weighed six pounds. When she was six months old she weighed fifteen pounds. Shes a peanut as people say. There's this nice town park we like to go to called Borderland. It has this wonderful old home with a cobble stone driveway. I wanted to capture that stone in a picture so I took a picture while holding my camera directly above Lily's head. The picture is adorable. First you notice the knitted hat that her great grandmother made her but them you see her beautiful blue eyes. Look closer and you'll notice her little pink shoes and the cobble stone driveway that is the background for that picture. The photo shows how tiny she once

I set up my first photo shoot at that same park. The shoot was with my good friends Gina and Mike. They are such a cute couple and they love each other so much. I wanted there pictures to look romantic so I chose to take there pictures by that same home. The back of the building was covered with ivy. When I went to take there picture straight on I noticed that the background was all ivy. I had wanted to get some of the house in the picture as well so I knelt down and took the picture. That way I was able to get the ivy and the home all into one picture.

I also used this same angle to take there picture but this time I was looking to get the pine trees and sky as there background. I remember rolling all over the ground saying, "trust me I know what m doing" I think that I made them laugh rolling around like a weirdo, witch made the picture even better.

You have to be careful with taking pictures up at people because this angle can be unflattering to some. It may make there chins stand out and make them look bigger than they actually are. If you take a picture looking down at someone or yourself the picture will most likely come out much more flattering. All of these portraits were taken with a point and shoot camera the Nikon CoolPix camera. So you'll be able to get these same results with any camera. Happy Shooting!

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