February 16, 2011

Granddaughters Memories Preserved In Pictures

My grandparents are wonderful people and I have made sure to preserve some of my precious memories that I have of them. In this article I will share with you how I created everlasting memories.

I am lucky to have grown up right next door to my Grandparents. Whenever I wanted to see them I would just have to walk across our yard into theirs. Every season holds different memories for me. In the fall I would walk over and the leaves would crunch beneath my feet. In the winter I would have to bundle up to brave the snow and when spring came I would have wet shoes from the wet grass. In the summer I would see them gardening so I would walk over and say hello. When I look back onto the pictures I have taken of their house I will always remember how it felt to walk across the yard to see them.

Some of my best memories are of when we would sit at her dining room table making crafts. She would find neat ideas in her Crafting Magazines and then we would go out to the craft stores and she would buy what we needed. I loved it when Easter came around one year we made an Easter bunny out of a woven hat. The part that you put on your head was the face and then you would hang it on the wall. It is still there on her wall to this day. I took a picture of it last year so that I could remember the memory of crafting with her.

My grandmothers name is Edwina and she is from England and has a lovely English accent. I love to ask her to say things that I know she'll say very Englishie, Like "Ello" (hello) and "how you bean" (how have you been)? My grandmother is also a great knitter. I would give her the title of a master knitter if there was such a thing. She has always worn this purple knitted vest that she made years ago. One day I was taking some pictures of her old collectible maps to sell on Ebay for her. I noticed that the purple matting really complimented her vest. So when she was looking through her magnifying glass at the map I took her picture. I'll always be able to remember her vest, her magnifying glass and her old map.    

I remember the nights when my family and I would go over for dinners on there porch. I can still see the plates of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers that they had picked from their gardens in my head.  They had put so much effort into the gardens, they would prune and water them almost every day.  My grandpa, papa I'd call him passed away in 2001 and I had never taken any pictures of him gardening so last year I had made sure to be there when my grandmother started planting so that I could take her picture. She happened to be wearing a beautiful sky blue shirt that day that really made the picture pop. You can see all of her peony flowers in the background, they were almost ready to bloom.

   They were and are Excellent Gardeners As a matter of fact that is there last name, Gardner. They also planted flower gardens and every summer there yard was bursting with colors. To this day when the flowers bloom I think of my Papa and I love to take pictures of there work. I especially love how the flowers look against there old white barn. My grandparents mean so much to me and I'm forever grateful to have and to have had them in  my life.

he was a great man who loved to laugh

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