February 11, 2011

How To Not Take Awkward Family Photos

Do you cherish pictures of your family? Especially the ones where they look happy? In this article I'll share with you my tips on how to make your family more comfortable while having there pictures taken.

I love taking pictures and I'll bring a camera with me whenever I can. I am usually the one who's asking you for a smile or to look over here. How ever this technique doesn't always work out well. For example I took my camera out bowling one night and it was my boyfriend Justin's turn to bowl. As he was getting his ball I called out his name but when I did the other bowlers stopped and looked at him making him uncomfortable. Most of the pictures came out great the background was colorful and the lighting was good but Justin's expression makes the picture a little sad. That was my fault, the way I went about taking his picture was all wrong. Next time I will ask him before he goes up to bowl. I'll ask him if I could take his picture and that I'll be waiting for him to smile back at me. Justin doesn't mind getting his picture taken, probably from being with me for twelve years now so this way will work for him.

If you have family members who are camera shy you'll have to get the shots you want in other ways. Sometimes It's good to be sneaky, my Grandmother and Lily were sitting together on Christmas day having a good time. I came in the room and sat down when I saw that they were having fun I took there picture when I saw them both laugh. I took it quick so that my grandmother wouldn't notice. It was like trying to take a picture of a wild animal. Don't move to fast so you don't startle them. It is a good thing that my camera, the Nikon D90 can take many pictures at one time. Sometimes It works out to be sneaky with the ones who get a little uncomfortable when having there pictures taken.

You could still take great pictures even if someone isn't looking directly at camera. You can capture people while there doing something that makes them happy. Lily's grandfather Tim loves to sit and hold her. Lily is a always on the go kinda baby, she doesn't like to sit still but when her grandpa holds her she'll sit in his lap. So one day after dinner was finished they were sitting with each other at the end of the table I discreetly took there picture. In that picture you can see how comfortable they both were and how much Lily loves her grandpa.

I was taking some pictures of my friends three kids at a playground one day and I was so impressed with how good the older girls were with getting there little brother to pose for pictures. There was a giant Playground Set there that the kids loved playing on. I had seen a cool little space under the slide that looked like a good spot for a picture. I had asked the girls if I could get a picture of the three of them there. They said, "of course" and then they convinced there little brother to play peek a boo from behind the wood. I waited till the right moments to get him as he popped his head up. Those two girls really helped me that day and I was thankful for that. You could ask others to help you, they could distract someone who isn't posing for you.

I had my friend Dena and her kids over for a photo shoot one day. She is a great mother and her kids were a delight to work with. I made sure to catch the candid moments like when she would rest her head on her sons and when they would give her a kiss. They all looked so happy together that day. Most times I take pictures of the spontaneous special moments.

Pictures that are planned or posed can also turn out great and you can still get the relaxed look. Fall time is my all time favorite time of the year. The weather is cool, the air is crisp and the colors make amazing views and pictures. I was out taking a walk with my family and our friend Daren one day at a local park. There was a pond with benches around it and I thought that it looked like a great setting to have our picture taken. So I asked my friend Daren to take our picture while we looked out onto the pond and he was nice enough to. It ended up being one of nicest family portraits that we have. I love how Lily's little sock hat is sticking up in between her dad and I and all the Autumn trees make the picture so bright and colorful.

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