February 5, 2011

Make Your Pictures Move

Are you tired of the same old stiff picture? In this article Ill tell you how the settings on your camera can help you show the motions in your photos.

Most cameras have a sports setting. Its usually a symbol of a person running. Or you could set your camera to burst. This means is that when you push the button to take a picture it will take many at one time. This makes it easy to catch things in motion.

 My boyfriend Justin and I were at our town park and the leaves were beautiful that day. I wanted to take a picture but didn't want the same old, just stand there and smile kind of picture. So I set my camera to sports and asked him to take some pictures of me while I jumped around like crazy. The people walking probably thought I was nuts but I got what I wanted, a picture that shows the wonderful colors and me in motion.

I was trying out my new camera, The Nikon D90 on my friend Amy's son Jay. I took them to a playground because I thought it would make for some great pictures. It was hard to catch him, he was so fast. So I set my camera to burst and took his picture while he was crawling across the tires. I managed to catch the quick little guy with a big smile on his face.

My brother and I love to bowl but bowling alleys seem to make it hard to get good pictures because of the lighting. The lanes are usually lite up and the seating areas are not so you'll have to get up there with the bowler for this one. So I went up and stood next to Jon. I caught the ball in mid air and Jon's hand in motion right after he took his shot.

 It was the day of my first real photo shoot with my friend Lisa's three beautiful kids. My playground idea had worked great for little Jay's pictures so I took Lisa and her kids out to a colorful playground. Lisa's two daughters were swinging on a tire swing. I took about fifty pictures of them while they swung. l kept the one where you can really see the happiness in the girls faces. They were having a blast. Later that same day the kids were running after each other through the fields so I set my camera to sports and got a good one of the youngest daughter running after her little brother.These settings are also great for catching the smiles that sometime are hard to capture.

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