February 21, 2011

Pick Your Flowers For Your Pictures

My mother is a great gardener and every year our yard  bursts with colors. I try to capture the beauty and all of my moms hard work in my pictures. One year I thought of a way to make my flower portraits better. I will tell you how in this article.

Along the side of our pool area my mom has a railroad tie flower bed. This is my favorite one of all her gardens.  I think it is the most natural looking one. The ties are very old and moss is starting to grow out of the ties witch I think looks even better. At the end of this flower bed there is a little bush that I just love. It's the first plant in our yard to bloom when spring comes. There are hundreds of tiny pink flowers that come out on it.

  Sometimes we pick flowers to put in vases inside our house. One year I went to get a small branch from off that bush that I love. That's when  I got my big idea I had Nikon Cool Pix Camera on me so I held up the branch of flowers in front of my camera. I could see the pink flowers up close and in the background was the bush, the rail road ties and the inside of our pool area which was covered in phlox. Phlox are a ground cover type of plant that when in bloom are covered with tiny flowers. The sun was setting when I was taking that picture so I also used that branch of flowers to hide the glare. The sun lit up the flowers and made my picture glow.

I used this same idea when I went to take some pictures of my moms roses. I really liked the way this one light pink rose looked up against our brick chimney.The colors of the bricks complimented the rose very nicely but I felt like it was missing something. I had the branch in my mind so I started looking around for another flower to add to my shot. I found a peach rose near by that I thought would look good next to the other rose so I picked it and held it up next to the pink rose.  I think the extra pop of color from the peach rose really helped the picture look complete.

I am so excited  to apply this method to my flower pictures this year.  Now I have my brand new camera and cant hardly wait to try it out on my mothers flowers. I must have gotten a little impairment because I went out and bought some colorful flowers from the grocery store a few weeks ago and stuck them out in the snow. We have about four feet of snow out there right now so I couldn't get to our backyard so I had to take the pictures in the driveway. I think the people driving by and my next door neighbors thought that I was crazy but I didn't care I wanted my picture. I took this picture with my Nikon D90, It is a GREAT camera. The white of the snow made the flowers look even brighter. One day I am going to get even nicer flower like a red rose to stick in the snow. But I'll wait until at least a foot or two of snow melts so that I can out to get a better back drop for my next picture.

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