February 20, 2011

Capturing Some Family Fun

It has been a very long winter this year so we got out of the house by taking a family trip into Boston. We all had so much fun and It was a great place to take pictures.  I'll tell you all about it in this article.

    It was In January 2011 when we decided to put aside an entire day to spend in Boston. Before Lily was in my life my boyfriend Justin and I would go into Boston often.We would have a had time choosing whether or not to visit the Science museum, the Art Museum or the Aquarium. These places may sound corny to some but when you go to them there always a blast. I had wanted to go to the Childcare's museum even before  we had Lily. I'm  a kid at heart but I thought I may look like a creep without having a child with me.  So when Lily was nine months old I thought she was ready and I was more than ready to finally go. I brought my camera, the Nikon D90 along with me that day because I knew that there would be a ton of colorful pictures to take.

When we got there we saw that the place was amazing. They had so much fun stuff to do. Lily was still a little young for most of the activities but we all still had a great time. Lily didn't close her eyes for a second she loved looking at everything. One of the coolest things was a big fake school bus. It had seats, a steering wheel ad one of the windows was a television that was playing a video of out a school bus window so It really looked like we were driving down the street.

There were fake class rooms too. There were desks that were filled with the things kids would keep in them at school. They had a big desk for the teacher and a chalk board that the kids could play with magnets on. I had an idea for a picture. I asked Justin to sit at the desk while I spelled out, Hi Ben in back of him. Our nephews name is Ben so I had thought it would be cool to send Ben the picture of his Uncle Justin saying Hi. I think the picture turned out great but I do wish that Justin would have cracked a smile so that he didn't turn out looking like the teacher everyone was afraid of in school.

We were all excited when we found the room for babies. It  was completely padded with Foam Mats that made it very safe for Lily to crawl around on. The neatest thing was a water bed sunken into the floor. Justin had fun playing with Lily and I was enjoying taking pictures of them. We were so proud to see Lily crawling around and having such a good time.

They had a light room to show off different types of lighting. I was psyched about that because I was learning about lighting with my photography. There was a light table with clear plastic  shapes for kids to play with. We sat lily on the table so that she could play with the shapes. I took a picture of her  then because I loved how the light table was making the shapes glow and I also liked how Lily was lit on it. In this same room there was a area to demonstrate shadows. It was triangles cut out of purple foam with two big lights on each side of it. I  gasped and asked Justin to plop Lily onto it so that I could take her picture. When I showed my photographer friend that picture they had thought I took it in my studio because of the lighting.

 One room was dedicated to
the scale of things. there was doll houses that showed there scale and chairs lined up smallest to biggest. I thought that Lily would look really cute sitting on the smallest chair.So once again Justin sat her down for me and sat next to her while I took her picture. She held her hand up too so in that picture she looks like she's waving to you.

The last room we visited was about construction. Before we had Lily Justin and I worked together doing home remodeling so this room really brought me back. We would do tiling, painting, building and other random things. I liked that room very much especially the yellow work lights they had as street lights. I took a picture of one of those lights when Justin walked behind it. The picture looks industrial and reminds me of the work we once shared together.

    That was a really good time and I cant wait till the next time. By then Lily will be walking and will have so much more to do. Then  I will also have an excuse to climb the kids tower after her.

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