February 6, 2011

Looking Through Your Pictures

In this article I'll share with you some of my ideas on how to to take pictures by looking through things.

Every year I paint a new snow scene on our sliding glass doors for Christmas. One year I wanted to paint a log cabin with a window that my cats Milo and Mazie could look through. They spend a lot of time out on the porch witch those doors lead to and I didn't want to completely take away there view. My cat Mazie was out there one day looking through the window at me saying, "Let me in." That gave me an idea for a picture. So I crouched down and peeped in the window at Justin who was already taking pictures inside of some ebay items we were about to sell. I said, "Hey, take my picture please." It took him a minute to see me but when he did he laughed, shook his head and took my picture. At first you notice the painting but take a closer look and there I am peeping at you. The next year I painted snow topped mountains and I think I got a good one of my brother Jon looking over the mountains. He looked like the abominable snow man in it. I love this photo but now when I take pictures through or at glass I've learned to shut my flash off so that I wont get a big white spot on my photographs like I did in this one.

It was my 26 birthday party and to celebrate I went out with some of my good friends to an arcade. My friend Sarah was waving to me through the ball grabber glass and I thought she looked lovely with all the colorful balls around her so what did i do? You guessed it, I took her picture. The reflections in the games glass panels really added a lot to that picture, it made it sparkle.
My grandmother loves her great grandson Ben. They love playing out in the yard together. Ben's never ending energy sometimes wears her out so we'll put the reclining lawn chair out there for her. I thought it was adorable the day he was trying to touch her through the chairs see through fabric. So I took there picture. I think it shows how much fun they were having that day with each other. I especially like my grandmothers big smile in the photo.

At our town park there is an old stone cabin in the middle of the woods. It's a tiny little home with a wood fireplace inside. No one lives in this house anyone so anyone is free to go inside. Justin and I were looking around in there one day and that's when I saw some creepy man in the window looking at me. But it was just Justin trying to scare me. I took his picture. All of the stone around the window shows the old age of the home. Now that I have that picture I'll be able to remember how creepy that man was.

When my daughter Lily was a baby her favorite toys were fake keys. She'd play with them for minutes. Hey, minutes are pretty long for a baby (smiley face) One day I looked into her crib to see if she was still sleeping. She wasn't, she was playing with her keys again. I knelt down next to her crib to say. "Go to sleep sweetie." That's when I saw the picture of Lily looking at me through her keys. I love how the colorful keys shape her cute little face.

All of these pictures were taken with a Nikon Cool Pix Camera.

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