January 25, 2011

Make It Snow in Your Pictures

Do you love the look of winter? Here is a few creative ways to capture the beauty of snow in your pictures.
It was my daughter Lily's first time out in the snow and she loved it. We put two snow suits on her that day because it was so cold outside. She couldn't move so when we would lay her in the snow she would look like a star fish. As she was lying there I wrote her name in the snow and took her picture. Her name is going across the top of the picture with Lily lying there in the snow. You could use this same idea with sand, chalk, paper and crayons and many other ways too.
Try to get some action shots. I wanted to always remember Lily being pulled around in her tiny sled by her Daddy, Justin. So I set my camera to sports, which lets you take many pictures at one time and I chose the photo that showed that he was pulling her.I think it came out looking like a Christmas card.
Lily always loves looking out the window at the snow. She reaches out and touches the window as if she could catch the falling flakes. This is a good way to capture the snow even while staying in your warm house.
If you are not the kind of person who wants to go brave the snow to get these pictures, open your window and get them that way. Make sure to put up your screen to get a clear picture. Night time snow pictures are always cool. Try setting your camera on a TriPod or steady surface to get them nice and clear. I did this for my grandmothers house. She lives right next door to me so I opened the window and got a great picture.
If you don't have snow where you live? Make it. I hung a sparkly blue cloth for my background then put down some white Christmas lights. I then put some fake snow on top of those lights. I say lily in them with her favorite winter hat and the picture came out looking great. Its one of my all time favorites of her.

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