January 16, 2011

Catching the Christmas Spirit In Your Pictures

When you are taking pictures on Christmas day make sure to capture the candid moments, those are the ones that pass so quickly but make the holidays so special. In this article I'll tell you how I caught the moments that are precious to me.
Justin and I have two great nephews and one awesome niece. Justin would spend so much time playing with all of them and they all really love him. Now that Lily is here he can't spend too much time with them. I captured the moment when all of them are looking up at him and Lily is looking down at her cousins. I think the picture shows how much the kids love there Uncle Justin and how much Justin and Lily love them.
I tried so hard to keep Lily away from grabbing the Christmas tree ornaments this year. She really wanted to eat the small gold bells. Even when I took them off the tree she would grab my leg and try to climb me for them. I thought It was adorable so I asked Justin to take our picture. I love how little she looks in it and she is obviously mesmerized by the small bell. You can tell I'm getting a kick out of it kind of like fishing for a baby.
Lily's cousin Elizabeth is two years older than her but they still love to play together. On Christmas they were unwrapping gifts together and Lily was crawling around after Elizabeth. They had so many new toys to play with even a new kids play house but what did they show the most interest in? My Sister in law's new candle box. They sat there for so long just touching the plastic ruby and label on the top of the box . It was very cute.
My nephew Elijah is a great artist and was given some coloring books for Christmas this year. We we're all sitting around the dining room table tired and stuffed from dinner and there was Elijah so happy, just sitting there coloring his picture. I wanted to remember how dedicated he was to finishing that picture of a space ship and it came out great.

These pictures were all taken with a Nikon D90.

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