January 30, 2011

Create A Silhouette Picture

In this article I will tell how to use your light source to make a silhouette photo.

When I first started thinking about becoming a photographer I wanted to set up some test photo shoots with my friends to see if I could do it. So I asked two good friends of mine Gina and Mike. I chose them because there very much in love and I wanted to try and show that in some pictures. I brought a red rose and planned the shoot for sunset. I waited for the right time of day because if you can get the sun behind your models it will make a silhouette. I really like how the sun shaped there faces and lit up the red rose. I think it shows how much they love each other.

I went to to the beach one day and I saw these six seagulls all standing in a row on top of the pic nice tables. I'm compulsive so the fact they we are all lined up so perfectly really excited me, that is a joke. Anyways, the sun was behind them making them look like shadows. I snapped the picture of my six new friends. Not a joke, were having brunch next week.

You can also use a door way to get these results. If the room you are in is dark and the other room lit it will make a silhouette picture as well. So there is the secret, If your light source is behind someone or something that is when you can get a silhouette photo. All of these photos were taken with a point and shoot camera, the Nikon coolpix. So you can get these results with any camera.

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