January 28, 2011

How To Stay In Shape With Taking Pictures

If you are like me you have a hard time trying to find a reason to exercise. Even though exercise can help you live a longer life sometimes you may need a little push to help you get out there and do it. In this article I'll tell you how my photography helps me.
My all time favorite way to lose weight is to go for a walk somewhere new so that I can try and find something awesome to take a picture of. It motivates me to think that there is a picture out there just waiting for me to come and get it. The Fall season is my favorite time to be outdoors. The trees are beautiful and bright and the temperature is usually just right. I have taken many great pictures when I go out for walks during the fall.
I thought of a fun game to play while out walking. I had taken a picture while Justin and I were out one day. I didn't let him see it until the next time we went to that same trail. I showed him the picture on my camera and said "ok now try and find this place." He had such a good time trying to find it, he just keep on walking and walking to get there. I think we walked twice as long that day because he was determined to find it and I had forgotten where I took the picture. Note to self, next time remember where I took it.
My nephew Ben loves it when I take his picture. He loves super heroes so one day I said, "hey Ben, how about we go outside and Ill take some action pictures of you so you'll look like a real super hero?" He was so excited. So Ben, Justin and I all went outside and were all running around for hours taking pictures and exercising without even realizing it. Playing in the snow is another great way to exercise. Justin and I had so much fun one year playing tag with Ben in the snow. I'm glad that I had my point and shoot camera in my pocket because I got a great picture. Ben's face was all red from playing so much and there's his Uncle Justin in the background chasing him with a big smile on his face. That picture will always remind me how much fun we use to have playing with Ben and we must of burn hundreds of calories
Justin and I went to my brother Scott's vacation home in Surry, Maine one year. It is awesome there you can walk right down to the ocean from the cabin. I wasn't feeling up for a walk one day and Justin really wanted to. He convinced me by saying "oh look Emily, there is some colorful seaweed down there that would make a great picture" that convinced me to go. Thirty minutes later I got my picture and probably lost a whole pound because that beach was difficult to walk down. Thanks Justin!
There are no mountains close to where I live but there are the Blue Hills. One time Justin and I walked for hours down a rocky trail and we found this beautiful lake. I was upset that day because my camera battery died before I could take the picture. So the next time we went there I was motivated to keep walking so that I could get my picture and I did. I was proud of myself for getting out there and getting that picture.
The next time your looking for a reason to go out and exercise just think of a beautiful place to capture. A place that you can only get to with your feet. If you don't live someone where there is foliage, parks or trails you could take a walk through your town. Photos of buildings and people are fun and make some great pictures.

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