November 7, 2011

Customizing Your Picturess

There are endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing and customizing your pictures. One of the easiest ways is to use a background that allows you to create something extra special in them.

One example of this creative photography idea is to take a picture in front of a chalk board. Whether you have a child who loves to doodle, a student or teacher in the classroom, chalkboards are a blank canvas when it comes to personalizing your backgrounds.

Paper in a photograph is another great example of this. If your child is artistic and you would like to capture that forever you could hang there art work on the wall and take there picture while they stand next to it. You could also capture them creating there work by photographing them while they craft. I like using paper to write the name of my subject on it. Then I draw an arrow that will point to them so that when you look at the picture you don't only see what they look like you know there name now as well.

Sand is perfect for drawing what you want to say or see in your pictures. I was playing in the sandbox with my daughter Lily this summer when I came across this creative photography idea. We were making sand turtles out of these little plastic molds that she had. I placed the mold next to a sand turtle that we had made and then used my finger to draw a heart around both of them. I later added text to my picture that read "ETurtle Love" Get It?

Snow is just like sand but colder. I thought Lily looked adorable one winter when her snow suit was way too big for her. I had to put elastic bands around the hand and feet holes in order for her to stay warm. It was her very first snow fall and she couldn't even crawl yet but she did love lying on the comfortable snow. That was when I decided to use my finger to spell out her name in the snow next to her. I also tried to hide the elastic bands by covering them with snow but you can still see them and I am glad that I can. Now I can look back and remember how tiny she once was.

I have other pictures to take with this creative photography idea but I haven't gotten a chance to capture them yet. That doesn't mean that I cant share them with you now.

I wanted to carve out a pumpkin with the date on it but didn't get around to it. If I had gotten the chance I would have set it up on our front steps all lit up and then I would have taken a family picture with it. There is always next year I guess.

A funny idea that I had was to get a HUGE fake tattoo and apply it to my neck. Then I wanted to take a picture of myself with it and email it to my dad and write... Hi0 Daddy how do you like my new tattoo? Now that I  think about this idea more I may want to rethink it. I would like my dad to be in my life as long as possible and to not die from a heart attack but I could always do that to my older brother.

I am sure that more opportunities like these will come up in the future. I will make sure to share them with you so that you can personalize your pictures with these fun creative photography ideas too.

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