August 5, 2011

Looking Back on This Past Year

When I look back on what I have achieved this past year I feel proud. Almost a year ago today is when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. I had thought it would be fun to document my journey so I made this blog and I remember wondering where my photography would be in one years time.

One year ago today I felt like I had no purpose in life. I have always been creative and in the past I had  tried making a living out of my talents. I would make crafts and then sell them at local craft fairs. Unfortunately crafting is a hard business to compete in . I gave up on my dreams for a while and felt defeated. I also worried that my talents would never go to good use.

I was thinking about how much I love taking pictures and how I always had. I had dreamed about being a photographer for years but I was worried abut my eye sight. I did some research online and found other visually impaired photographers who have succeeded.  I had also checked out other photographers work to see whether or not I could do what they did one day. I believed that I could but knew I needed a new camera in order to do so.

Months passed and then I finally was able to afford the camera of my dreams The Nikon D90. Then I started learning how to take better pictures. The right lighting, angles and learning how to use photo shop really improved my photography.

I also started asking my friends if they wanted to partake in test photo shoots with me and they agreed to. When it came time to take there pictures I was very nervous and had so many thoughts running through my head. "Can I do this?" and  "What if I fail?"

I had been told by other photographer friends that the confidence would come with time and experience. I have done about five photo shoots so far and think that it is true. It does get a little easier for me over time. After I see the pictures and hear that people enjoy my work it  encourages me to keep on going.

I am forever thankful to my friends because of them I have great pictures to display on my new website. That is why I am writing this post today. My photography website is finally finished. When I go to it and see my work I feel great, like I am on my way to reaching my dream and that anything is possible.

I am glad that I have this blog so that one day I can look back on it like I am today. To see my work for what it once was and for what it is now. I believe that there is always room for improvement and that I can always do better but I will never look past what I have done. I am proud of who I am today and thankful for everyone and everything that makes my life what it is today.

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