January 19, 2012

Creative Captions

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones that tell a story. I love how facial expressions can show a mood, the way clothes display personality and how a background shares where someone has been. Adding a creative caption can be a fun and easy way to say something in your photos.

There is a small animal sanctuary not to far away from where we live that my family and I love to visit. It is an enchanting place where the animals can roam along side you. There are also small barns that the sheep and other barn yard animals call home. Visitors can walk right up to these barns and take a look in. One day I looked into one and there stood a sheep staring at me from behind an old wooden wall. It seemed shy but still very interested in me as I was them, so I took its photograph. In the picture you can only see only half of there face from behind the wall almost like they are peeping out at you. That sheep was being bashful that day so I added the caption, Baaashful.

My daughter Lily likes to get into things that she is not supposed to sometimes like our computer paper drawer. I don't know why but she has a great time pulling paper out of it and throwing in on the floor. I took a picture of her one day as I caught her in the act. I later added a caption to the piece of paper that she was holding in the photo that read, "Dear Lily, Please stay out of this drawer. Love, Mommy". I centered the script so it would look like the text was already written on the paper. I think that her shocked expression shows that Lily knew that she was doing something wrong. How is it that a kid can look so adorable doing something that they are not suppose to be?

My family and I travel into Boston occasionally and I love to look at the city from out of our cars window. I especially love the night time there because it is lit up like a Christmas tree. I like to set my camera on the window sill with the window rolled down and take pictures. I took a picture of myself one day looking in the side mirror. You can see me and my camera in the photo. I added the caption, “Drive by Shooting” to it.

This brings me to my last picture idea. I absolutely love my camera. I had used a small point and shoot camera my entire life until a little over a year ago. I purchased my Nikon D9 and I love the performance of it. I also think that it is the best camera I could have chosen that makes it possible for me to get clear pictures even with my eye condition. I took a picture of myself with my beloved camera in my bathroom mirror as I pointed at the strap that said Nikon on it. I later added the Caption, “I Love My”. Under that text you can see me pointing at the Nikon logo.

I love my Nikon D90!

If you are not sure as to how to add scrip to your photos there are some great FREE photo editing programs out there. Picasa is a good one to look into but if you’re willing to invest money on a better quality photo editor I would suggest looking into Photoshop.

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