March 2, 2011

Littered With Pictures

Ok I just got home from a taking a walk. I am out of breath but very excited! You may think I'm weird for what I just did but I think its pretty cool. I will tell you all about  it in this article.

I can't drive at times I get frustrated because I can't really get out of my house. In the warmer months I can go out in the yard and take pictures but there is too much snow right now. I would love to go for walks down my street but it's kinda busy and since most of my time is spent watching my daughter Lily she would have to come with me.  I wouldn't want to chance getting hit by a car with her, but my big butt could probably take it.

Today Lily's dad, Justin was watching her so I went for a quick walk with my camera. I walked about half a mile down to the street to the train tracks. I could not find anything that inspired me take take a picture. The snow piled up along the side of the road is all brown and looks like cookie dough ice cream. There are no leaves on the trees so everywhere looks bare and depressing. I kept walking with the hopes of finding something interesting. After reaching the tracks I turned around to head home.

The only thing that had stood out to me was the litter on the side of the road. I thought to myself, "Why don't I take picture of each piece that I see" I was just having fun at first but then was getting pretty excited with every new piece I found and unfortunately it wasn't hard to find. Every few steps I took I saw a new piece of trash.

It may seem weird but I was excited to see what I could find next. It was mostly soda and beer cans but there were some out of the ordinary things too. I saw a full bottle of car wash that looked like it was a hundred years old and a brown glass beer bottle that was stuck in a tiny tree.

 I was amazed that the bottle was stuck in such a small little tree and I thought it made for a cool picture too. There were tons of cigarette packs and scratch tickets which were bright and colorful against the snow. My favorite find was at the very end of my walk. It was a heart shaped Valentines day chocolate box on the side of the road. When I walked a little further I even found the top of the box, that made for a good picture.

I walked home but went right back out again  because I had such a good time, weird? maybe. This time I brought along a plastic bag and gloves.  I took pictures of the trash on the way down the street and picked it all up on the way home. I feel pretty good about myself not only did I get exercise, I got some interesting pictures, a story and made the world a little cleaner.

I got over fifty different pictures just by taking a half a mile walk. I was also a little upset to see how much litter there was. I'll admit it, when I was younger and my parents weren't looking I would throw stuff out the car windows. Now I know that littering is not harmless, that it hurts the environment and the last thing I want to do is hurt the world my daughter will grow up in. Some people may think that I am a queer tree huger and that's fine with me because I know that I'm a better person for not littering anymore. I woke up today with nothing to write about and I am happy to have gone for that walk.

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