November 11, 2010

Seeing The Shadows In Your Pictures

Have you ever thought about taking pictures of a shadow? If not you should because they can make some very interesting photos.

One day I was out on my brother Jon's boat when I noticed that the thumbs up I was giving him was there on the dash board of the boat, so I took a picture of Jon with the shadow right next to him. You notice him at first but when you take a closer look the thumbs up shadow really catches your eye. I think it is a cool shadow picture.

My daughter Lily was playing in the grass as her dad and I watched her. We were talking about how big she was getting and how proud we were . Then I saw our shadows on the lawn so I took a picture with my point and shoot camera. and it's clear in the picture how proud we really were in our family shadow picture.

I was walking around my old high school with Justin and we were reminiscing about when he used to pick me up after school. I wanted to see where I use to wait for him and saw our shadows on this brick wall. I thought it would be cool to capture our shadows instead of the same old self portrait.  I asked him to kiss me while we held hands to make a heart shape. If we had tried to take the picture of just our bodies We would not of gotten anyone to know what we were doing but the shadows says it all.

So now you have more opportunities to take cool pictures. So look for the shadows, then work with them. You'll be amazed with what you can come up with.

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